Prima White Customizable ThermoForm Bleaching Tray Set (case of 10)

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Prima White Customizable ThermoForm Bleaching Tray Kit Includes:

  • (3) Customizable Thermoform Bleaching Trays for Custom Fit
  • (1) Tray Storage Case
  • (1) Teeth Whitening Shade Guide to measure each patient's progress
  • (1) Set of Detailed Usage Instructions
  • Brighter Smile in just few applications with our low sensitivity, glycerin-free, enamel safe, carbamide peroxide formula

Prima White Professional ThermoForm Whitening Trays are custom moldable to create an exact impression of each patient's teeth They are molded by heating them up in warm water and then placing in the mouth to form a precision mold of the teeth.  They are made from a proprietary blend of polymers and are easy to be customized with low heat. Best of all, they are very comfortable to wear.  We provide three (3) trays so that there is an extra one if needed or it can be used to practice the molding technique.  

Features of our Customized ThermoForm Bleaching Trays Are:

  • Custom Moldable with Low-Heat Molding
  • One Size Fits All
  • Large Coverage Area Extends Beyond Rear Molars
  • Covers Both the Front and Back of Teeth
  • Soft and Comfortable to Wear
  • Made from Special Clear, See-Through Polymer Blend
  • Remold-able as Needed